Monday, May 5, 2014

Jammit - Pretty darn cool!

There are a lot of new "slow downer" type teaching apps emerging these days to assist young musicians learn their favourite songs. One of those is Jammit. Now, I am not usually one to get too caught up in these types of things (I believe working it out for yourself bears far more fruit) but I found myself intrigued enough to download this and give it a look see.

Before getting too far into this let me explain what it does: Jammit allows you to play back a song file (that you purchase from their site) that allows you to isolate the individual tracks and includes. It includes a scrolling Tab or notation of the piece being played. There are more features too, so hit the link above and check out one of the demo videos.

One real cool feature right off the bat  - this is not just a guitar app. There are vocal, bass, drums, keys versions of the same songs available. Good for a young band to get all the parts. Another thing - these tracks sound great! I am not sure if they come right off the master tapes of these recordings or not... But truly impressive tone.

To check the quality of the transcriptions I started with a tricky one: "The Attitude Song" from Steve Vai's Flexible album. Overall, a pretty accurate transcription. Some spots the fingerings in the Tab seem a bit odd, but overall a pretty solid representation. You can loop and slow down playback while the notation scrolls on screen allowing you to work out the piece line by line.

My final feeling is that this is a very solid package, one that I would recommend to any learning musician as a part of their practice routine. Head on over and check it out. Easily worth the $5 outlay that most of the songs cost.