Monday, April 21, 2014

New Pedalboard

Well, I just got my hands on a new Pedaltrain Jr. pedalboard. It is a perfect solution for any gigging player who's pedal count is around 8 - 10 pedals.

The board features: steel frame construction, a handy travel bag, and all the required velcro. The Pedaltrain Jr even comes with a handy mounting kit for a Voodoo Labs Pedal Power. This allows you to mount the power supply underneath - preserving valuable real estate up top. So if you play mostly local gigs, where a road case is not required, then this little baby is a great option.

I was able to get 8 pedals on board (including the oversized TC Nova delay) and still had room for a Wah pedal. (BTW - I powered the 9th pedal off the handy power supply out on the TC Electronics Polytune - boy those cats at TC really are thinking aren't they!).

Now I can swap out pedals at will to suit the type of music any gig would require. No muss, no fuss!