Monday, December 2, 2013

Lazy - guitar solo w/tab

Here is a very cool, very Richie Blackmore solo from the Deep Purple classic "Lazy". The song from the entirely legendary 1972 album 'Machine Head'. Always one of my favourite players with a very signature sound and feel. (Interestingly enough, the man they hired to fill Richie's shoes is very likely the one man on the planet with enough creed in the guitar community to pull it off. The legendary Mr. Steve Morse. A gentleman and a monster player himself! But also a HUGE influence of mine). But I digress.

Notated here, is the first solo after the keyboard intro (seriously how good was John Lord! May he rest in peace).

The note choices in this solo come predominately from the F minor Pentatonic scale. With occasional use of the "Blues scale" version (which adds the b5 note to the standard pentatonic box). Richie frequently slides in and out of this note to up the blues quotient - a pretty common Blackmore-ism. 

In the second half he adds notes from the F natural minor scale (also known as F Aeolian). The shape of the scale, with its open strings nicely allow for fast pull-off riffage. The hardest part of this solo lives in bar 33. It was tricky (for me) to cleanly execute the pull-off from the 2nd to 1st fret. So start slow with this and keep looping these trouble spots in isolation. Slowly building up the speed until you have it down at tempo.

Getting the sound
This is really pretty basic signal chain. Strat > distortion pedal (I used a Wampler Pinnacle) > Some plate reverb > amp. Richie Blackmore used a pretty bass heavy EQ setting but aside from that the tone lives in how he plays. You pick closer to the neck joint than the bridge to achieve a darker note.

The files
Here is the TAB sheet for your downloading pleasure.

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