Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ear to the Ground solo w/tab

The song "Ear to the Ground" comes off Matt Schofield's 2007 release of the same name. Its crunching rhythm and serious groove, make it one of my favourites of all his music. Of course it features Matt doing what he does the best - laying down some seriously cool blues phrases. Ya gotta get some of these lines.

This solo happens over the "A section" of the tune. The chords go back an forth between 2 bars of Emin, then 2 bars of D Maj. If you take a look at the strong notes of each resolve, you will see Matt nailing the changes with chord tones. First phrase: Bend up to E, E slide through the blues b5 down to an E and end the phrase on the 3rd (G). So it goes for the rest of the solo. Very in, chord tone soloing all the way. He even goes straight up the D triad before wrapping up the solo by landing on the "A" then the 3rd (C) of the first chord of the "B section" (A7). VERY logical and musical.

Getting the sound
Matt's sound is easy to get equipment-wise. Strat - set to neck position pick-up, tube amp, Tube Screamer (Klon Centaur pedal if you's got the cake!). But the tone doesn't happen here. It happens in his hands. Very expressive player so work to nail the vibrato and all the subtle bends and dynamics.

The files
Here is the TAB sheet for your downloading pleasure.


  1. The entire solo is built on phrases that go along the neck, not in the 'cluster'. Try finding other positions on the neck after first few bars and you'll see how closer it sounds to the real stuff. Also, on 0:20 he plays C note, underlying D mixolydian, not C#. Cause second chord isn't Dmaj, it's Dsus2, but more like D7 in the way Matt interprets it. Cheers.