Friday, January 18, 2013

Time - Guitar solo w/Tabs

Pink Floyd's album Dark Side of the Moon - released in 1973 - was a ground breaking album that stands up to this day as one of the greatest pieces of recorded art there is. It catapulted Pink Floyd out of smaller venues and into stadiums based on the strength of the album. Although the song "Money" was the decisive hit that caught the public's attention, the song that stood out to me on first listen was the song "Time". I still remember that first listen clearly - the sounds of the clocks and the ticking lead in. With it's 12 bass heavy chimes (cooly placed on the "and" of beat four BTW!) Leading up the the first lyric of the song. Well thought out, simple and beautiful delivery of a concept.

David Gilmour is quite simply put; one of my very favourite players. Whenever I am struggling to keep things simple and musical, I always draw inspiration from him. Pink Floyd's music was like the sound track for my teenage Sunday mornings (and end-of-the-night Saturdays!). I HIGHLY recommend any guitar player to spend some time with their tunes. The focus is always on serving the song, creating environments and musical landscapes first - NEVER seemingly ego driven. This was a true BAND, that understood the importance of the sound of the whole, instead of featuring the players themselves.

The solo weaves through the (F#min, A, E) then (D, A, D, A, D, C#min, B, A, E) backing chord tones. Overall key of F#min. Hitting strong notes of the chords all the way - VERY typical of David Gilmour. When you are trying to learn his solos, lift the chords first - as 95% of your notes are right there. For example, the first arpeggio of the B section (D,A,D...) is a D Major chord straight up. Also in the beginning of the solo (end of bar 6) he does a double stop which is simply the 5th and 3rd of the A Major chord - played as 6ths. Check it out for yourself, do a quick analysis. It's a great exercise. His bends almost always resolve up to chord tones, creating that 'majestic' sound. Couple this approach, with his amazing tone, beautiful touch and taste and you have the recipe for his soloing approach.

Getting the sound
This is a classic David Gilmour strat tone. Neck pickup (I used the bridge as my amp was pretty dark so the cut of the bridge pickup seemed to work better). The Uni-vibe gives it that squishy tone coupled with a nice slow delay and fairly generous reverb.

The files
Here is the TAB sheet for your downloading pleasure.

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