Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Benefits of fitness on your playing

(What a great excuse to put a hot chick on the page. This blog could use a little more zip)

Oh no! Don't tell me I am another one of these 'newly-on-a-workout-kick-go-preach-about-it' types. Sorry folks, but yes it appears to be true. Lucky you! For the past 3 weeks I have been really working hard at getting back in shape and eating better. Will it stick? Will that bag of Doritos make their way back in my hand in short time? I really don't know... but I sure hope not. Getting fit and eating healthy is quite like learning guitar - if (when) you stumble, all you can do is keep getting back on the horse. Which I plan to do.

edit: A friend of mine Mark Wein (who has a great blog) just did a similar post on health benefits. Click here to hear his story and process.

So, what does this have to do with guitar?
Well, after 3 short weeks I have already noticed a few things. My energy level is slowly notching higher (after some initial fatigue in the first week). This new energy is beginning to lead to increased productivity. When I get snack cravings, I grab my guitar instead. Having this distraction is helping me escape temptation, whilst improving my playing. My thoughts seem a little clearer, attention span a hair longer. Memory seems a little more vivid.

Overall THESE FEELINGS are beginning to become addictive... exciting in a way. No, I don't yet jump out of bed in the morning knowing I am headed to the gym. Nor am I thrilled at having a salad (instead of a combo #3, one hard, one soft with an iced tea and a burrito on the side : ) But at least now some of the benefits are showing. Which makes the idea of sticking to it less awful.

The diet side was really hard in the first few days/week to not fall back on old eating habits. But now I seem, just a little, more OK with it.

OK Richard Simmons What's your point.
The point is; that without your health all your practicing can go for naught. Spending some time working on your health, can have an exponential impact on how you think and therefore how you play. If you want to be your best, you (I... we) must make this part of the equation. Yes it is hard, NO it isn't easier for others... they just prioritize it higher (a lesson my lovely wife has taught me). NOBODY finds this easy, they LEARN to find joy in it... Just like we do with an instrument.

Give it a shot, ya might even score some more tail too! A benefit that CAN'T be overlooked.



  1. You sound like me. I've lost 40 lbs this year...just not carrying around the weight on stage on gigs has been a huge thing. Good stuff!

  2. I hear ya Mark. Yeah it seems to have no issue creeping on does it! Getting it off is like moving a mountain. I figure there are 52 weeks in the year... If I could manage to lose just ONE pound each week ... doesn't sound like much does it... The first 10 is easy... almost there. Then it gets harder with each week as the body likes to hold onto it. Setbacks are killers... Gotta keep at it!

  3. I do agree with you regular physical activity can help you manage your weight. It makes and feels us look better, more confident, pump up the energy, helps beat the stress and boosts our ability to make other improvements in lifestyle such as diet changes. It is good for our heart, helps reduce risk factor for heart disease and reduces risk for developing other complications like diabetes. But beyond all, physical activity is lots of fun.