Thursday, November 8, 2012

You Shook Me All Night Long solo w/tabs

Angus Young is one of the most ferocious rock/blues player to ever lift the instrument. He's been part of our culture for so long now that people tend to take the calibre his playing for granted. Every note is attacked and drenched with vibrato, scrapes, bends & general head smashing. Playing the notes is one part.. Playing the intensity is where the SOUND lives. I always say when I hear people suggesting Angus is simply and OK player, that if he was playing in a room with just you and his amp, he would blow your doors off. If he isn't an excellent player then I truly don't know who is.

This solo is mostly straight up G minor pentatonic stuff. Near the end of the solo Angus temporarily hints at a G Major tonality... although it could be analyzed as a little dash of Dorian .. to me it feels more major. It definitely has the signature uplifting feel of the Major tonality.

Getting the sound

Not much to this! Guitar > SG with humbucking pickups - to cable - to Marshall amp. No pedals, no muss no fuss.

The files
Here is the TAB sheet for your downloading pleasure.

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