Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Reelin in the Years solo w/tabs

Here is the classic solo from the truly wonderful "Reelin in the Years" Steely Dan as played by Elliot Randall. Steely Dan was/is known for their use of jazz musicians to weave their blend of jazz/pop/rock. Any band looking to play some of their tunes should get ready for some seriously heavy heavy harmonic twists and turns. Some of the top jazz players in the world have played with the band over the years and Mr Randall is no exception.

This solo is over a G5/G6/G7 standard blues shuffle modulating to A5/A6/A7. The opening note accents the major 7th over G (F#) before hitting the A on the chord change and stepping down ending on the 5th (E). Then into a phrase focusing on the 3rds of both chords as they change. Up next a little walk up through the Amin blues scale, ending on the G root nailing the change. The solo concludes with another walk up from a different starting note through the Amin blues scale... BUT this time it is played over the G chord - which changes the tonality of the G accompaniment to the role of the dominant b7. The solos concludes on the 'money' resolution (a.k.a. the root) of the A chord. Beautiful working example of a soloist who is soloing IN the chords not OVER. He adds some chromaticisms to enhance the jazz sound, but aside from that this is some textbook stuff harmonically speaking.

Getting the sound
I really did not get the sound... but it is a semi hollow-body guitar, through a fuzz pedal, into what sounds to me like a twin style amp. It's very present and in your face with little reverb. 

The files
Here is the TAB sheet for your downloading pleasure.

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