Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Goodbye to Romance solo w/tabs

Anyone who reads this blog knows Randy Rhoads is definitely one of my main sources of inspiration. I think the world of this guy's playing and am deeply saddened we didn't get more from him. I know I am not alone in this. For all you intermediate level players, this solo is a nice starting point for his style as most of it is pretty manageable but VERY musical.

This solo moves through a pretty diatonic D Major progression. During the important 'drama' notes, Randy is nailing chord tones - almost always. Typically one of the notes of the major triad - (root- D, 3rd -F# or 5th - A). 

(BTW - by now some of you readers should be recognizing that I say "hits chord tones" in my analysis of these solos a LOT. We're I a smart youngin' I would make chord tone soloing a regular part of my practice routine)

During the fast line in bar 3 - some of this is pretty obliterated as Randy liked to double and triple his solos. This gives his sound that pseudo chorus-y effect and ultra wide spread. Very cool, but tough to discern clearly when lifting his stuff. He loved to move up the neck as he does in this bar of this solo. So if you want to grab Randy's approach to transition lines moving up the neck, this run is a pretty great working example.

Getting the sound
Les Paul loaded with Humbuckers - through a Marshall. I used a Strat, I really should have grabbed the Paul. The real key though is in double tracking the recording takes. 

The files
Here is the TAB sheet for your downloading pleasure.

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