Thursday, September 6, 2012

Stairway to Heaven solo w/TABs

The solo to "Stairway to Heaven"  by Led Zeppelin is commonly ranked near the very top of all time on any of the "Top 100 solos" type lists you will see. Often ranked in first. With pretty good reason too. It is an absolute beautiful piece, built almost solidly around the A minor Pentatonic scale. But, if you look deeper, you will discover that Jimmy Page is nailing chord tones throughout. Which creates that wonderfully melodic sound.

This comes from my YouTube channel which has a number of these types of solos so check it out:

This solo is essentially made up of an A minor pentatonic scale … But if you look closer you will see that in the very first line he wraps it up on the note F. Seems odd until you examine the backing which is Amin, G, and two bars of (you guessed it) F. Actually if you take a minute (hint hint) and examine some of the other notes involved you will see that Jimmy frequently outlines these chords. Again - awareness of the backing is critical.

Getting the sound
This is fairly classic Les Paul with a fuzz tone as opposed to distortion. Some nice spring reverb as well. The other thing is in your hands. Jimmy's timing is very cool and laid back. He plays a hair behind the beat almost at all times. So as you are playing relax a bit and breath. Let the notes drag out a bit and all of a sudden you will feel where he lives. Very cool.

The files
Here is the TAB sheet for your downloading pleasure.


  1. On the second phrase of the first line in the tab, replace the E with a F natural. It is the note that Page plays and it fits the chord better.

  2. I'll go back and give it a listen, you are likely correct, although the maj7 works just fine over the F chord. Thanks for the input.