Thursday, September 20, 2012

November Rain solo w/TABs

Here is Slash's beautifully melodic solo from Guns N' Roses' ballad "November Rain". The tricky part to this is really nailing the bends. They are many!

This solo is pretty much pure diatonic. Key of C Major ... using notes from C Major. It is also another example of chord tone soloing as he is hitting the passing chords all over the place. He starts by hitting the 3rd of the F chord (A) - as the chord changes the A becomes the 5th of the Dminor. As the chord changes to C he once again hits the 3rd - a sound heard all over this solo. He then plays with some suspensions (4ths) only to resolve to the root. In the second solo he begins with a Gmajor scale ascending... may seem odd until you realize the chord he is over - yup! G Major. This is pretty much the recipe for the entire solo... So take a second and figure out how the notes he plays relate to the chord. The act of examine it may open your eyes.

Getting the sound
Les Paul through a Marshall... pretty much nothing to it. Neck pickup for the first solo to get that 'woman tone' thing. Then switch to the bridge for the second solo.

The files
Here is the TAB sheet for your downloading pleasure.

This comes from my YouTube channel which has a number of these types of solos so check it out:

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