Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fade to Black solo w/TAB

One of the earliest solos that I longed to play as a teenager was the beautiful intro to Metallica's "Fade to Black" as played by Kirk Hammett. The haunting melody and liquid feel has captured the imagination of more than just me as it continues to be one of the most learned solos of all time.

Kirk Hammett is a very diatonic player. He very seldom leaves the key or scale of a song and this is the case... for most of this intro. He plays dead inside B minor (Aeolian) for the entire solo. Then he inexplicably (to me at least) ends on an A minor ascending scale. The odd thing is that there is an G# in the accompaniment? An odd choice for sure, but in the words of the immortal Eddie Van Halen "if it sounds good - it IS good". I believe this applies.

Getting the sound
I am afraid I didn't manage to get the sound… mine sounds too nice : ) Kirk has a very brittle gain setting and a bordering on nasal tone on this one. Possibly due to microphone placement during recording. Deepish reverb to give it some distance, long tail delay at a very low setting and you are there.

The files
Here is the TAB sheet for your downloading pleasure.

This comes from my YouTube channel which has a number of these types of solos so check it out:


  1. Liked it!

    Now if only you could play it once slow, then a bit faster then at speed. That would be tops. Have you thought about putting this stuff in Tux Guitar format? Might be very helpful.

    Thanks for the lesson, Jeremy.

  2. Thanks for watching and glad you liked it.

    For me the issue is time - I have none. So although the suggestions you make are improvements for sure... For me to implement them would take me more time. For the rate I get paid for these the justifiable time budget is pretty tight : )

    There are plenty of slow down software's out there that can do that for you (Transcribe for one). My hope is that people take advantage of those. I've done this part of the work... the rest is up to you my friend.

    I do appreciate your input though! Keep on picking brother

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  5. Thanks Tariq! It is appreciated. Glad you are enjoying it. It's fun to do