Monday, June 18, 2012

OZ Noy - New Instructional DVDs

Well, well, well, two long awaited items hit the streets at around the same time. My first blog entry in a LOONG time! (Sorry folks, been busy playing - I know you understand that!). And, much more importantly, two instructional vids for the insanely innovative Mr. Oz Noy.

As some of you may, or may not know, I have studied privately with Oz on a few occasions. I think the world of him as a player and a person. He is as cool, knowledgeable and down to earth a guy as you will ever meet. Like the man, these videos are full of the same approach and humour. He hides nothing and shares openly all his 'secrets'. Much of the vibe you get with him in person carries through the camera. So these truly are as close to a one-on-one lesson with him as you can get... without being one-on-one.

The vids are fun and chock full of good information that will help a player of any genre. There are interviews, gear demos, performance clips, excellent video and audio quality. PDF charts with tabs and standard notation. Pretty much everything a player would want. I highly recommend you click on this link and grab BOTH these wonderful DVDs. For more information and demo vids to to and see for yourself.

It should also be said that Jazz Heaven seems to be living up to their name! Some of the other musicians these folks have done videos with look truly astounding as well. If the quality of the other offerings is as good as these vids, (and I have no reason to doubt that) then I know what will be on my Christmas gift list for a few years to come. Bravo Jazz Heaven.

Peace and OUT


  1. That is awesome...I entered the contest for these last week...Oz has been something of a hero/role model for me lately. :)

  2. Oz is the best guy Mark. Good role model for any of us! Gotta tell ya, sitting with him and playing one-on-one has been immense for me. To hear a player THAT DEEP playing along side you is pretty heavy. Soundly kicked my ass - which is EXACTLY what I needed.

  3. Glad to see this blog isn't dead! You post great stuff.

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