Friday, January 13, 2012

Scott Henderson - Again-derson! Friday fun

Man am I am fan of this cat's playing. Here is Scott Henderson playing the title tracks from two of his albums. I am particularly a fan of his monstrous Strat tone! Between 94 & 2002 he released three 'blues' albums - Dog Party, Tore Down House & Well to the Bone. If you are a fan of the Blues style and you like severely GREAT guitarists, then these albums should be in your collection.

So grab a cold one, turn em up loud, and ENJOY!


  1. If you like Scott you should check out his protege, Shane Theriot. If you like funk, rock, blues, jazz and bit o' shred tastefully stirred into a cajun gumbo of groovin goodness then you will be rewarded. His latest solo album, Dirty Power is my favorite. I find him to be more accessible than Henderson primarily because I am just a fan of his Meters-like grooves.