Friday, December 9, 2011

Rhythm Trainer

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I wanted to share with you all a rhythm trainer I created for myself.

What is it?
It is a small audio file for you to use or click here to download. The file contains a drum click type track which moves you through the even breakdowns of a beat up to a 32nd note (Quarters, then eighths, triplets, 16ths, sextuplets, 32nds). There are 2 bars of each. I didn't put in odd numbers (5's or 7's) as I wanted to make this accessible for everybody.

The idea is to play back the sound file on a loop setting in your audio application. You can practice scales, arpeggios, improvs, whatever you choose, along with the click. I personally use an App called Transcribe! which allows me to slow it down or speed it up, it also has a gradual speed increase feature which is super handy.

Working on rhythm is probably the most important thing you can do for your playing. No matter your level. You can get away with almost any note if it is solidly placed in time. So working on this should be a regular part of your routine.

So have at it and enjoy!

Rhythm trainer by Jeremy_green


  1. Hiya! I can clearly see the fact that you really understand what you are telling about over here. Do you own an education which is somehow linked with the theme of the entry? Waiting forward to hear your answer.

    1. I have very little formal education in music. I was a working semi-pro then pro (self taught) in the end of high school and leading into my college years. I was planning to go to college for music (in the lead up I sat my formal grade 1 & 2 rudiments exams).. Then decided not to go as everyone i was working with had college or university... yet i was at the same level as them... so it seemed not worth going into debt for.

      Over the years I have sat many private lessons. Each of these filling in gaps in my understanding. Plus almost 30 years of gigging and jamming experience with a great many talented musicians. I learned TONS from this experience. But MOST of it - I taught myself on the foundation of my rudiments teachings. Also online forums have played a role in my learning.

      I consider this the long road though... not sure i would do it this way again if i had chance at a re-do. Understanding music on a deeper level has brought insights to my playing I never could have foreseen. The earlier the better!