Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hal Galper - Damn these videos are great

I first came across these videos over a year ago... but a recent discussion over at my good friend Mark Wein's place reminded me of how valuable they truly are. Stuff this good MUST be shared!

Most all instrumentalists are always looking for those little 'tricks' or insights, that make certain players better improvisors than others. I believe Hal does a wonderful job giving us some insight into that process. The longer I play an instrument, the more I realize that playing well, is much more about how you approach it mentally than any physical aspect. Most players I know exercise our hands regularly ... yet much less time on our minds and ears? Doesn't that seem crazy? It does to me.

Hal Galper has many of these videos on YouTube, so after watching these, do yourself a favour and go through some of the others. These are game changers.

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  1. This stuff is amazing, Jeremy!

    Thank you so much, for posting!