Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Danny Gatton's First Instructional Video online!!

This was brought to my attention by my good friend and guitar wizard Stomias over at the Lesson Loft. (Thanks brother!) For those not familiar, Danny Gatton was just one of those monstrous players. Gibson.com ranked Gatton as the 27th best guitarist of all time. Plagued by depression, on October 4, 1994, Gatton locked himself in his garage and shot himself. A HUGE loss for the guitar and music community at large.

From Wikipedia: Gatton's playing combined musical styles such as jazz, blues and rockabilly in an innovative fashion, and he was known by some as "the Telemaster" (a portmanteau of "Telecaster", Gatton's guitar of choice, and "Master"). He was also called "the world's greatest unknown guitarist". His most common nickname was "The Humbler", owing to his ability to "humble" or out-play anyone willing to go up against him in "head-cutting" jam sessions. It was Amos Garrett, guitar player for Maria Muldaur, who nicknamed Gatton "The Humbler". After a successful gig, Garrett would pull out a tape of Gatton and tell his band, "You think we played well tonight. Let's take a minute to listen to the Humble-lizer." A photo published in the October 2007 issue of Guitar Player magazine shows Gatton playing in front of a neon sign that says "Victims Wanted".

In 1987, a video produced by Pro Video Corp, titled: Gatton's Tips & Tricks for Guitar was released on VHS. It can now, thanks to the internet, be watched in its entirety at this link.

So head on over. But be prepared to spend a serious amount of time. Once you start into it, you likely won't be stopping!

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