Monday, April 4, 2011

The Importance of practicing MUSIC - Rudy Sarzo on Randy Rhoads

I am presently reading Rudy Sarzo's truly excellent biography (any Randy Rhoads fan should own) called "Off the rails". Rudy: extraordinary bass player and hard rock legend, was the touring bass player for Ozzy during the Randy Rhoads era. He was also was a member of the band Quiet Riot among others. Go to his website to check him out.

During reading, one quote stood out with me, so I thought I would share it:

"Randy's priority was his songwriting. Even when he practiced his guitar, he always played songs rather than doodling on scales or finger exercises. Every single time I saw Randy pick up his guitar he played music"

I hear this type of quote a lot as I read bios or watch famous player DVD's. It seems to me this is a common thread amongst many of the greats. Their fabulous technique seems to radiate out from this central pillar. Their technique and knowledge of the neck of the guitar is formed by the music rather than imposing technique ON the music.

This can be rather insightful, as I have spent ages running through scale patterns etc. In hopes of amassing some extra control of the neck through a mastery of the individual nuts and bolts. Perhaps such a mechanical way of looking at mastery promotes mechanical expression? The more I read bios of famous musicians (my favourite topic on which I am pretty well read) the more this nugget appears.

Food for thought for a Monday!

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