Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday fun - guys who make me want to play - Wayne Krantz

If you are not familiar with Wayne Krantz, and you are a guitarist looking for new ideas, do yourself a favour and rectify that! Wayne is a monster beyond my comprehension.

The thing that always grips me about Wayne Krantz is his completely unique style. To be able to say that 'nobody sounds like him' is an amazing feat these days in music, as seemingly much of the sonic ground has been covered.

From Wikipedia:

Wayne Krantz (born July 26, 1956 in Corvallis, Oregon) is an innovative American musician, who is widely recognized as a technically advanced jazz fusion guitarist.[1] He has played with top artists such as Steely Dan, Michael Brecker, Billy Cobham, and others, but is most active as a solo performer.

Three things set him apart from other guitar players in my opinion:

First, his incredible sense of rhythm. His rhythm or 'pocket' is nothing short of astonishing. Usually I am gripped by his placements of accents within the groove.

Second, is his willingness to forge for sounds where mostly dissonance is found. He will sit in non-diatonic, essentially random intervallic patterns and hammer away at them. Almost imposing music upon the notes. Demonstrating that if your conviction is solid enough, there really is no such thing as a wrong note.

Third, his tone is unmistakable. The way he attacks the string with a percussive 'click' behind his notes. He digs in and snaps and pops the strings with hybrid picking (using a pick and picking hand fingers). He also employs lots of open strings in his approach which leads to wide leaps and open suspended chord voicings giving him his signature tone.

A very cool thing is that Wayne has detailed his practicing approach in his book 'An Improvisers OS' which can be purchased through AbstractLogix (click here). This book is really cool and there is, like him, nothing else like it on the market.

His latest album Krantz, Carlock, Lefebvre has been a staple on my playlist for almost a year now. It is an intense and raw as any jazz fusion type album I have heard. But the playing is infectious! ... and I highly recommend you get infected by it!

Have a great weekend all!

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  1. As PolishPaul said "If I have the rhythm right, I can't play a wrong note"...