Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Internet Lessons Made Easier - The Guitar Lesson Guide

Hey all, just wanted to take a minute to throw some support behind a friend of mine from over at the Lesson Loft, known to us as GreenAsJade. A great guy, who has built an excellent resource for any level of guitar player. This is a completely non-commercial site built for nothing more than the love of studying guitar - and making that process easier so let's share the love.

Jade takes the time to review the myriads of guitar based instruction on the net, reviews it, ranks it with stars and presents it to you. So if you want to save some valuable time bookmark this site. When you want to find a quality lesson it's a simple thing to do.

Here is the link 

Check it out and if you have any comments or suggestions for him let him know. Nice job Jade!


  1. Thanks Jeremy :D

    I really enjoy your blog, and am tickled pink to have an entry in it :)


  2. Been meaning to check your joint out, mang....nice stuff! Glad I stopped by. Cool site. Been spending less time in cyberspace and consequently getting more done...imagine that! But I plan on swinging by and turning a few on to your gig here. Good luck Jeremy!