Sunday, January 30, 2011

Great iPhone app for guitarists

Need something to practice soloing over? Want to be able to specify the chords and their durations? Quickly and easily? Say hello to chordbot. A very cool 'Band in a box' type app.  There is a free version with basic features and a full blown one with many more as well. Great for casual unplugged type chord/scale practicing, or traveling/hotel type situations.

Some of the features:
  • 60 chord types
    Including classics like Aug7(#9) and Min11(b5). Should be enough for anything but the most esoteric bebop songs.
  • 20+ comping styles
    Simple but usable guitar/piano/synth based backgrounds.
  • Auto inversion
    Chordbot will automatically select the inversion that is best suited to follow the current chord.
  • Slash chords
    Lets you specify the bass note for each chord.
  • Transposition
    Easily transpose songs to any key.
  • Song-O-Matic
    Automatic song generator with profiles for pop, jazz and avant-garde.
  • MIDI/WAV file export
    Refine your compositions in Cubase/Logic/GarageBand, etc.
  • Live editing
    Change chords/tempo/style while the song is playing.
You can download it from the itunes app store or similar type source for Android. Or here is the link:

Pretty excellent little find. Thanks to my good friend Mo!

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