Wednesday, January 19, 2011

No charge sheet music - damn!

Thanks to my good friend Jon Phillips, Today I stumbled across a great, bordering on overwhelming,  resource for anyone looking for sheet music. All scores are 'public domain' so there is no cost. Although as their disclaimer says "all copyrights are to individuals countries" so do check that before you distribute.

For those of you who don't read, I would highly recommend rectifying that. The process of learning to read can very much speed of the process of learning the notes on the neck. Plus you have access to a greater range of music, are able to communicate your ideas with not guitarists and improve your ability to land a gig. There are far more pros than cons so get yourself a method book and get going.

Isn't the method book good enough?
The problem with most method books is that they lack material for you to work on. With printing cost being what they are having pages and pages of reading material goes beyond the typical publishing budget. So it is important to have a large library of music you can blindly read. Once a piece is memorized, it is no longer of use to you. So resources such as this, or the "Real Book" for those jazz fans can really help speed up the process and generally make it more fun.

Here is the link

Also violin or clarinet scores can work well for guitar reading. So peruse and enjoy more than just the guitar area. Man, this interweb can be a useful thing! Who knew?

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