Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Overcoming adversity

We all have challenges to overcome in life. Sadly, it's just part of being a human. With guitar, there seems to be so many hurdles due to the physical nature of the instrument. 'Was I born with the dexterity? - It seems so easy for him?  - I can never play like that' ... Sound familiar?

No matter how hard I try to feel sorry for my short-comings, I am hit in the face by a guy like this. Can you imagine the dedication and passion one would need to summon, to learn to play without arms? But yet there he is, a constant reminder of what humans are capable of. My hat is off to him and others like him, whoever and wherever you are. For climbing Mount Everest without legs. For running across a country, with cancer, on a prosthetic limb - Thank you.

So for all of you, who feel like your fingers are too short, or stumpy; throw that guitar down on the floor. Stick that pick between your toes; and find out what it would mean to have a real, tangible physical disadvantage.

Residing at the core of learning any instrument is one basic premise - music! We play so that we can be a part of it, and its wonderful community. With all the love and joy that comes with being given the ability to play. I bet when you first dreamed of playing, your goal wasn't to be able to wiggle your fingers faster than anybody? So how did we get so off-track to become almost singularly focused on technique? It's not now - nor has ever been, about that.

The next time you feel like this, grab your guitar and play a song that you love. One that moves you. Listen to it, I mean REALLY LISTEN as you play. Think about how good it feels and how far you have come. You are one of the few, able to make a sound like that. A sound that can move another human being at their core. Now THAT is cool.

You are already incredibly blessed, this is something you - we - may have temporarily forgotten. So let's remember ... and THEN, get back to work!

: )

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  1. That is absolutely amazing and inspirational.

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