Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday fun - guys who make me want to play - Eric Johnson

I thought, being a Friday, I would end the week by posting some inspirational material for you all. Eric Johnson was one of my earliest influences, a guy who just makes playing looks so damn fun! His tone is always off-the-hook cool! His control of the instrument: nothing short of incredible.

As added inspiration to you all, MOST of Eric's insane shredding lines: are almost entirely pentatonic scales. To those of you who are "bored" with them - look what can be done, in the hands of a person not willing to use them just like everybody else. There is much music, that lies buried, in the smallest spaces in music - so dig deep.

FYI - to those not familiar: At the beginning of this clip, he sets up a nice little loop using a footpedal. I did a post about these great devices - click here to read.

Hope you enjoy. A-happy Friday to you all!


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