Thursday, November 4, 2010

Free theory lessons??? Can it be so?

I wanted to write a special post to THE coolest place I have found on the net. This place has by FAR helped me more than any other in my understanding of the principles of music and it's related theories. It is a wonderful forum, hosted by Harmony-Central, a place called the "Lesson Loft"

Here is the link

This place is home to many gifted regulars. Names like Jed, Poparad, mosiddiqi, Trickyboy, meganutt, jonfinn, JonR, jonPhillips, GreenasJade, bydoempire, 3shitfgtr, Jasco, 1001gear, yours truly and far too many others to mention (no slight intended to any of you guys I failed to mention - you know who you are). These players - many of them pros - take their time to answer questions of all varieties to players of all levels. For nothing more than maybe the good karma and the joy of simply helping others. Their collective experience and knowledge is a asset I can no longer live without. It's like having 50 guitar teachers!

Seriously, I never thought myself a "forum" type guy ... sounds weirdly geeky somehow. I just, one day, stumbled across the site several years back. Very tentatively put up my first post - a question to the group. Once I saw how quickly the answer came, I immediately saw the value and was hooked.

I can't stress enough how great it is to have a place you can go online, where you can openly share ideas, ask questions, hear new music, speak to musicians from around the world, meet name players, do "backing track jams" and generally be inspired and re-focused daily.

Many of these types of sites exist. I have been on many (another great one I frequent is over at the Gear Page it is very similar in it's quality of great minds, players and info. I have just not been there as long as I have with the 'Loft'. It takes time to make the same friendly connections.). Sure, every once in a while in these places an argument breaks out, but it is rare and almost always handled with mutual respect - a rare commodity on the internet.

I urge you all to stop in for a visit and, more importantly, join in on the conversation. Just reading the existing posts will help you ... but being involved in the discussions will help you learn faster than you can imagine.

Seriously, don't be shy! Who cares if you are wrong - don't be intimidated or embarrassed. Every advanced player has learned from raw beginners so your input HAS value to the collective whole – no matter your level. Besides, you don't know these people and will never likely meet them in your life. Remember they hail from all over the planet and are all there to learn. Just like you.

The best part - IT'S ABSOLUTELY FREE!

I urge you to come on by and join me in the conversation. Or find your own "loft". Whatever you do, internet guitar forums are one of the best resources this "picker and a grinner" has ever found.


  1. It's my home page. That way I don't forget to look and I always learn something. And...I love your blog.

  2. Thanks K. Lyn! I figured why the heck not! I gather all this stuff up anyway, maybe someone will be interested in my ramblings! Thanks for reading