Saturday, November 6, 2010

Book review - The Music Lesson

There are some really great books out there, by many wonderful and gifted musicians. From time to time I will present the ones that had a meaningful impact on my playing. First up is a gem authored by bass player extraordinaire Victor Wooten called 'The Music Lesson".

This is a book that goes beyond notes and scales, dealing directly with the head-space and mental aspects involved in playing well. Victor delivers this message through a fun-to-read story of a somewhat mystical and very unorthodox teacher named Michael. This character one day just shows up, as if summoned, and takes Victor on a strange adventure - that is both enjoyable and filled with very usable tools for any musician.

The older I get and the more advanced I become as a player; the more I realize that the mental aspects of playing, is another aspect that separates good players from great ones. Many times we get so caught up in technical aspects of learning, that we can forget the most important mental elements required.

This book helped me get back in touch with that which is most important - making the emotional connection between you, the music, and its listeners. Highly, highly recommended.

Here is the link for info and purchase if you are interested

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