Thursday, November 18, 2010

The art of Shred - the lighter side

Sometimes things are just too funny for words - this is one of them. I happened across this site a year or so ago and it made me laugh. It is a funny, interactive spoof, on one of the more popular forms of guitar that has come to be known as "Shred". Click here to check it out... you will be glad you did.

What is Shredding?
Honestly, I have never been sure? Sometimes people use it as an insult: "Buddy is just some shredder". Translation: He just plays fast with no feel. I have also heard it used as a compliment: "That was wicked - dude, you shred!" (no translation necessary). The only thing I am absolutely certain of, is it means to play FAST! When I hear the term, instantly Steve Vai and Joe Satriani come to mind.

Whatever 'Shred' is it has created some very funny spoofs.
There is a whole other series of spoofs called "(insert player name) shreds". If you go to YouTube, and search the word "Shreds" you will get a whole list of famous video performances, by some of the biggest names in guitar. These were made by funny man Santeri Ojala. He very cleverly, removed the original audio track from the performance, replacing it with hilarious 'beginner-type' playing and crowd noises. Man these are funny! (Particular hats off to the Paco DeLucia one!!).

Here is his take on Eddie Van Halen.

Ojala actually got banned from YouTube, for what somebody deemed "copyright infringement". (I wonder which cry-baby legend filed that claim!). Here is the story.

No disrespect intended to the fine art that is shred guitar with this post. It has inspired some of the most technically advanced players and performances on the planet. Players like: Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Joe Satriani, Guthrie Govan, John Pattrucci and many others. Shred is here to stay... and I am glad, because i am a fan of both the style and the light-hearted stuff that comes with it.

If it's here to stay I guess I better figure out what the name means!

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